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The Vancooper

The Vancooper models displayed fit the Vancouver bylaw requirements for 3 laying hens (12 square feet of coop space and ~32 in the pen). The coop sits atop a 4-foot by 8-foot pen, which provides adequate roaming space for your hens, while keeping them protected with 1/2-inch wire mesh. Accommodations can easily be made for more hens, or you can consider this their "base camp" and give them additional roaming space with some chicken wire and wooden stakes. Hens descend from a trap door to access the pen from the coop.

The Vancooper comes as a quick assembly kit or fully-installed and ready for chickens. Because DailyEggs uses reclaimed lumber, exact appearance may vary (hue, siding dimensions) depending on available cedar.

The Original Vancooper.
Housing Vancouver Chickens since 2010, this model is compact and keeps your chickens safe from pests, predators and the elements. A hinged lid to the pen allows access for cleaning., with both an egg door and a cleanout door on the indoor area.

The Walk-In Vancooper
Treat yourself and your chickens to a permanent roof with enough head room to stand (or hunch) when cleaning the pen or visiting with the birds.

Already have a Vancooper and want to upgrade? Get the Walk-in kit and either install it yourself or have DailyEggs do it. Other options

The mini coop
A mobile chicken pen with a nest box. Fits a 4'x8' raised garden bed, or call me for a custom size. Cover it with plastic and it becomes a seasonal greenhouse. Turn it on end and it's a pea trellis. When not in use, the mini coop folds into a stack of panels that can easily be stored.
mini coopcoop folded for storage

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