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A Humble Beginning
Duncan's Backyard Henhouses with flatiron Duncan's Backyard Henhouses arose in the Winter of 2008/2009 in my own backyard in Vermont. I was doing construction and substitute teaching. In my spare time, I was pursuing various agricultural endeavors with my roommates.
Just in time for sugaring season, I had built a maple sugar shack/chicken coop duplex from the bones of an old swingset.
coop/sugarshack A new greenhouse went up, and a chicken tractor was soon erected to make use of the abundant pastureland.There was magic in the air. Our landlord was named Jingles, and he donated a shed full of wood for making syrup. He was sweetly rewarded.
When I was finally bitten by the recession and a small motorcycle accident, I took the opportunity to make my hobby my livelihood. I spent my spring and summer in the agricultural outbuilding business, building and designing coops, sheds, and an addition on a barn.

When it became clear that I would be moving back to Vancouver (where I had spent my university years and met a lovely Vancouverite), I started to wonder what I would do when I got there. Lo and behold, Vancouver was on the verge of allowing up to four laying hens per household. I moved back to Vancouver in September 2009 and have been designing and building coops, giving workshops on raising laying hens, and helping people lobby for chickens in their respective cities.

A few early coops, mostly made from reclaimed materials:

coop frame boiling at night
chicken coop/maple boiler